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Thanks for Grabbing This Deal! Here is Your Instruction On How to Access This Deal!

BubbleNut Wash-Natural & Organic Fruits & Veggies Wash (500 ml)
 - Normally ₹249 But FREE TODAY!

How Does This Work?

It’s super easy...

Place your order on Amazon at full price, just as you would normally do. Send us a snapshot of the order immediately on Whatsapp no. +91 97410 42205. When the Natural Fruit & Veggies Wash arrives at your place, snap a photo of the product and send it us on the same number.

Then message your Google Pay number and  we will refund your order in full (excluding shipping charges).

Your refund will be processed within 48 hours.


Step 1- Go here to product page on Amazon -Click Here!

Step 2- Check out and pay for the item, like normal

Step 3- Immediately share your order screenshot  on Whatsapp no: +91 97410 42205

Step 4- Send a picture of product when you receive it along with your Google Pay number

I ask that you please allow me 48 hours (or less) to send you the refund, because we do this manually and it does take some time.

Also, I am going to provide my personal email and cell phone number below in case you want to ask me a question before/after you get this.

Here’s my personal contact info if you have questions (I am the CEO, these will go right to me)

My personal email (this comes right to me):

 (1) manasn@bubblenutwash.com

 (2) Cell phone: +91 97410 42205

THIS IS LEGIT, and it’s a great deal for you AND our small but growing business! We want to promote our products in a big way on Amazon :).  

But act fast -- we are only giving away 50 of these today!

If you have any questions at all, please hit reply and let us know.

Have an amazing day!

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What Customers are Saying


This is an extremely essential product to prevent spread of infection.  The moment I receive fruits and vegetables from outside, the first thing I do is to soak them for 10-15 minutes in BubbleNut Wash's Fruit & Veggies Wash! 

- Sourav Das


I am hesitant to wash vegetables with regular soaps because there are so many chemicals.  This is a totally organic product. I know soapnuts foam and clean well. Its a clever idea to use them as natural cleaners for veggies

- Sudakshina Kar


I consume a lot of leafy greens. But I am also concerned about the fact that leafy greens have high amount pesticides sprayed on them. I am glad this product naturally removes toxic pesticide residues.

- Nirmala S


Honestly I never bothered about cleaning vegetable earlier. But after this Covid crisis, its a must to use it. I like BubbleNut Wash products because I can trust its safe and non-toxic unlike other brands.

- Sireesh

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